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My Life With Cancer, With Lee Silverstein

Stage 4 colon cancer survivor - Lee SilversteinWelcome to the inaugural episode of the Colon Cancer Podcast. Join me as I share the story of how cancer has been a part of my life, for most of my life.

Lee Silverstein introduces the listeners to The Colon Cancer Podcast. Lee will take you through his incredible journey with cancer, which began when he was a 5-year-old Wilms’ Tumor patient, all the way through his battle as a stage 4 colon cancer survivor.

Lee shares with the listeners:

  • How he was twice diagnosed with cancer, once as a child and once as an adult, without showing any signs or symptoms.

  • His experience with the side-effects of chemotherapy and how he managed the effects.

  • How exercise, and a positive attitude, helped him through his colon cancer treatment.


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