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Living Life With a Colostomy, With Tony Pace

Lving life with a colostomy - Tony PaceStage 4 Colon Cancer survivor, Tony Pace, made a life-changing and brave decision after completing a very difficult journey through his treatment.

After bladder reconstruction surgery, a partial colectomy, a partial hepatectomy, followed by chemotherapy, he made the decision to have a permanent colostomy.

During his quarterly colonoscopies, his doctor would remove between 6 – 8 polyps. This continued for over a year and a half. Tony was concerned about both the risk of a tear each time polyps were removed, and the risk that a potentially cancerous polyp may be overlooked. These were chances that Tony no longer wanted to take; hence, the decision to have a permanent colostomy.

What I Learned From Tony Pace

  • It’s your body and your life

    • Make the decisions on your medical care that are right for you.

  • You can lead an “almost” normal life with a permanent colostomy

    • Tony works in a physically demanded job. While he has had to make some minor adjustments to his daily routine, he continues to lead a very active lifestyle.

  • Attitude is everything! Tony has a terrific sense of humor and a great outlook on life.

    • My favorite quote from Tony is “Never take things too seriously and learn to laugh. You don’t have control over most things that happen to you on this journey.”

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