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Living Life With a Hereditary Colon Cancer Syndrome, with Travis Bray, PhD.

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Shawnie and Travis Bray, PhD. – Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation

Like his grandfather and father before him, Travis Bray was born with F.A.P. – Familial Adenomatous Polyposis – “a rare, hereditary colon cancer syndrome that causes extra tissue (polyps) to form in the large intestine and in the upper part of your small intestine (duodenum).” The vast majority of people with F.A.P. will be stricken with colon cancer in their early thirties.

In July of 2012, Travis and his wife Shawnie founded the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation.

What I Learned From Travis H. Bray, PhD.

  • With screening and proper treatment, people diagnosed with F.A.P. can lead a normal life.

    • Being diagnosed with F.A.P. is not a death sentence.

  • Know your family health history before it becomes necessary.

    • Travis knew that both his grandfather and father had died from colon cancer and were carriers of the F.A.P. gene. He began to be screened in his early teens.

  • Live life to its fullest.

    • Travis makes it a priority to make every day a great day. He constantly evaluates his priorities, and where and how he spends his time. There’s no room in his life for negativity.

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