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Chris4LIfe Founder and President, Michael Sapienza

, Christine

The inspiration for Chris4Life, Christine Sapienza

Michael Sapienza founded Chris4Life in honor of his mother, Christine Sapienza, who lost her battle with colon cancer in 2009.

The mission of Chris4Life is:

To find a cure for colon cancer by funding and facilitating cutting edge research programs across the nation. To improve the lives of patients diagnosed with colon cancer by funding and developing programs to support patients and their caregivers. To increase awareness of the life-saving importance of early screening for colon cancer by using innovative strategies.

What I Learned from Michael Sapienza

  • One person can make an impact.

    • Chris4Life has grown and now sponsors major events across the country to raise money to support colon cancer research.

  • Within a few years, we will see colon cancer receive the national spotlight like other forms of cancer currently have.

Important Links Mentioned on the Show:

Colon Cancer Alliance Webinar: Dehydration: Causes, Impact On Your Treatment and What You Can Do – May, 20, 2015 7PM EST


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