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You’re Never Too Young for Colorectal Cancer, with Kimberly Bishop

Kimberly Bishop

You’re Never Too Young for Colorectal Cancer, With Kimberly Bishop

For several years, Kimberly Bishop was told by her doctor, despite obvious symptoms,  that she was too young to have colorectal cancer. As her symptoms worsened, her doctor finally sent her for a colonoscopy where a 13cm cancerous polyp was discovered at the recto-sigmoid junction. Kimberly was just 34 when she was diagnosed with rectal cancer. After surgery and six months of FOLFOX chemotherapy, Kimberly remains NED, 8 years after her initial diagnosis.

What I Learned From Kimberly Bishop

  • Don’t ignore the symptoms of colorectal cancer.

    • You know what is, and is not normal for your body. Talk to your doctor. If you have persistent symptoms, insist on a colonoscopy.

  • Support can come from many places.

    • If a spouse or partner is unable to provide the support you need, turn to friends or other family members.



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