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Easing the Effects of Colon Cancer Through Running, With Claudia Kittock

Claudia KittockClaudia Kittock is a 10 year survivor of colon cancer. She experienced wonderful care, rigorous treatment and “the outcome we all pray for.”  The most shocking part of the experience was to discover that once the treatments were over, her journey had just begun. Healing her body and soul was a long and arduous process with little guidance or help. She had to discover how to get well on her own, and after 3 years of daily effort, she found herself well again.

Today, Claudia runs over 20 miles a week and finds herself healthier than ever. She chronicled her personal journey through cancer, in her book, Health Through Chaos. She also shares her thoughts, on her blog by the same title.

Claudia has used her love of running to give back to the Minneapolis, Minnesota community. Through Mile in My Shoes, she, along with the local running community, have partnered with two homeless shelters to  foster wellness, empathy and empowerment by forming running teams with their guests.

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