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Interview With Colorectal Cancer Survivor, Elan

Elan Freedy

Interview Colorectal Cancer Survivor, Elan

In this episode of The Colon Cancer Podcast, I interviewed Elan. Elan was diagnosed with rectal cancer at the age of 42. Now, N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease), he devotes his spare time to advocacy work and talks about the need for early screening:

“Primary care physicians still only ask if you had incidences of cancer in you family – but for colorectal cancer, more nuance is needed. In my case, my father had pre-cancerous (adenomatous) polyps in his 40s, which means I probably should have started screening in my mid 30s. Pre-cancerous polyps are actually stage 0 cancer – but nobody really asks these questions. Adult children need to be talking to their parents and know if their parents had pre-cancerous polyps, and what age they were found; then discuss this information with their primary care physicians to determine whether they need early screening.”

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