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Valarie Schlosser Gives Colon Cancer Patients Everywhere H.O.P.E.S

Valarie Schlosser Gives Colon Cancer Patients Everywhere H.OP.E.S

I first met at the 2015 Colon Cancer Alliance annual conference. Her smile and positive outlook on life immediately caught my attention. We joked that even though we both lived in Tampa, FL we had to travel to Phoenix to meet each other. Since that meeting I’ve had the pleasure of working with Valarie at the Tampa Undy Run/Walk events where I met her wonderful family. It was a foregone conclusion that she would be a guest on the podcast.

During our conversation we talked about the important role her family has played in her colon cancer journey and how she came to be a spokesperson and speaker for Genentech. She talked about how she remains positive while enduring ongoing maintenance chemo treatments at Florida Cancer Specialists and she taught me the meaning of H.O.P.E.S.

I hope you’ll enjoy this live interview with this amazing survivor.

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