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Conquering the Psychological Effects of Colon Cancer, with Ed Yakacki III

Conquering the Psychological Effects of Colon Cancer, With Ed Yakacki III

Ed Yakacki III was diagnosed with colon cancer at the young age of 30. Ed faced two battles; conquering the physical effects of colon cancer, and conquering the psychological effects of colon cancer after treatment. Trying to go back to a “normal” life after treatment is a serious issue for many cancer survivors. Like many survivors, Ed struggled to find meaning to his life after completing his colon cancer treatment. Ed battled several issues including depression. Participating in the Philadelphia Undy 5K run was the impetus for his transition from survivor to “thrivor.”

What I Learned from Ed Yakacki III

  • It will take time to find your “new” normal after your colon cancer treatment is over.

    • Be gentle with yourself. You’ve been through a traumatic experience. The things that were important to you before treatment may no longer matter to you now. Your values will likely change as a result of your experience.

  • When you struggle to pick yourself up, let others lift you up.

    • Ed credits the wonderful people he met at the Philadelphia Undy, with helping him to find meaning in his post-treatment life.

  • One person can make their voice heard.

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