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Lynch Syndrome, and Genetic Testing and Counseling, With Georgia Hurst and Ellen Matloff

I Have Lynch Syndrome, Inc founder, Georgia Hurst

Georgia Hurst is the founder of I Have Lynch Syndrome, Inc. As stated on her website

The mission of I Have Lynch Syndrome, Inc., is to save lives through education and awareness raising about Lynch among the global medical community and the general public.

Ellen Matloff is the President and CEO of My Gene Counsel.   “My Gene Counsel will translate the jargon behind the latest breakthrough on the evening news and tell you what it really means for you and your family.”

During this podcast, Georgia and Ellen discuss the impact that Lynch syndrome can have on those affected by it and the importance of knowing your family medical history. The also educate us on the world of genetic testing and counseling.

What I Learned From Georgia Hurst and Ellen Matloff

  • Know your family medical history!

    • Speak with the older members of your family and create a family tree that lists as many family members as possible. List their age, any serious medical condition, and their age when they passed away, if applicable. Keep this document with other important documents.

  • If you have a tumor surgically removed, ask your doctor to order M.S.I. (Micro Satellite Instability) or immunohistochemistry testing on the tumor to determine if there are any genetic mutations.

  • Though not right for all cases, genetic testing should always be discussed with your oncologist. If you need assistance, or more information, visit the National Society of Genetic Counselors website, or contact My Gene Counsel.

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