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The Cancer Olympics, With Dr. Robin McGee

The Cancer Olympics – Dr. Robin McGee

Robin McGee was diagnosed with stage 3C rectal cancer after years of bungled and inadequate medical attention. Later on, she discovered that the best-practice chemotherapy was not available in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she lives.  After her very delayed diagnosis, she reached out to her community using a blog entitled “Robin‘s Cancer Olympics.”  The uplifting and humorous posts and responses followed her through the harsh landscape of cancer treatment and provincial politics.  She and her community were ultimately successful in lobbying the government for the chemotherapy to be approved, but too late for her to receive it.  She also sought medical justice, and the doctors who disregarded her were investigated and disciplined by their College. Since entering remission, she has been extremely active in patient advocacy, serving as a patient representative on several provincial, national, and international initiatives aimed at improving cancer care. Her book,
relates her story.  It is an International Book Award 2015 Finalist, and has received 5-star reviews from Kirkus IndieReader and Reader’s Favorite.  In 2015, the Canadian Cancer Society awarded Robin their highest honor, the National Medal of Courage.

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